Wednesday, April 4, 2012

.: Talk to your kids

U know, kids love to talk. Talk to your kids often. You will be amazed with so much things that they know, that u dont even notice how on earth they know about that.

When they talk, their mind expands..haaa gitu... bak kata iklan anmum, otak mereka berhubung jenab?

I have to admit, i talk more to wafiy, compared to Maryam. Wafiy has more vocabs compared to maryam..of course lah wafiy is older than maryam. But at Maryam's age, as far as I remember, wafiy speaks better. Maryam wins at the physical part, she's fast in psychomotor area..hehehe... you dont have to teach her how to use cutlery, how to put on trousers, put on clothes... she even can put on her on diaper once. Maryam also colors faster than wafiy. She can finish coloring before her brother.

Mothers, spend more time talking to your children. You will know your children better through it.


  1. eh eh....sama ngan background aku..

  2. sangat setuju...lagi rajin layan bercakap lagi tersusun ayat2 dia keluarkan...:)