Monday, April 9, 2012

.: Check yourself!

Yes, then you wont be said like the ketam mengajar anak jalan betul.

How do you think kids know how is it to talk politely? What is polite and what is rude pun kan, mana la mereka tahu. When u try to teach subject polite to your kids, you must speak politely, using the right word... haa....

And how do you think kids know what is tasty food and what's not? Haa...what you give la. No wonder to some people, the degree of sweet and salty is different..depends on his history of mom's cooking also...haa gituh!

Some parents complaint that their kids love to melawan.. hmm... check yourself. Have you ever say no to what your kids wants? Try to minimize saying no, if you want them to obey you. Instead of saying NO, change it to be question... for example..."Mok, nok beli cakelat....".. Instead of saying "Tokleh, rusok gigi", tell them.. "last kito beli bila? Baru kemaring dih? Ork dulu gak buleh 2-3 hari, takut rusok gigi.."

Though the meaning of the two sentences above is quite same, that is to deliver negative answer that is NO, but the second one is cushioned.

If you always cushion your word, then you will find out less "NO" and "DONT WANT" from your kids...
TAPI..haaa ada tapinya...kalu dia dh belajar dari sekolah or taska melawan melawan nih...ibuk-ibuk.... bawak lah bersabar. Sabar jerr....!

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