Thursday, March 29, 2012

.: When I'm stressed

I talk to friends... usually out of the topic. Juz to forget the matter... when I'm back at home, I'll ponder, what makes it go wrong. Maybe it was me... Maybe I did wrong previously, and it pays me back.

A short message in a short chit chat with a not-so-close collegue... i should cry if i need to. Yes, of course, but not in front of my boss laa weh... hehe..

Stress makes me sick. Here and there, people got stressed. The system was created to ease people seems stressing and oppressing. Maybe we need to adjust with our reception system in the brain... to enable another cluster of unused part of the brain? Or juz leave it to destiny? One of my collegue succumbed to fate already, got stroke and an early age, early 30's...unmarried..yet. A week since that accident... poor her. Hmm...not to mention another late-politeknik-friend in some other part of malaysia... who took her own life...due to stress!

How stressful life is. I've got enough with the stress at the work-place, please Allah give me some mercy... no more stress from the family side.

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