Thursday, March 29, 2012

.: If u are a mother...

be grateful!

Yes, be gratefull!! A lot of women out there still struggling for that title.

How to be gratefull? Take care of your baby, your child... how to take care? Back to basic, follow the sunnah... a lot of books on parenting, pick your own style..guided by Al-Quran and Sunnah Nabi s.a.w of course.

Once a mother, you will always be a mother. Don't wait untill Allah grabs away your title as a mother. See the papers, see the news, how in just one second, you'll lose yours. Nauzubillah...

Mothers, pray for your child. Your prayer is most powerful. Don't just spend time reading them books, taking them out shopping, but no doa for them. You can't have 24-7 eyes on them. But Allah will do.

Mothers, your child, your amanah, your obligation. You can enjoy yourself in your own way, but don't simply neglect your child, hoping they will find their own way. They never asked you to be their mother. You 'get' them, and now they are yours. Be grateful!

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  1. Allah.. this post comes right on time dengan kita dihujani kisah budak-budak and n anak remaja perangai budak-budak hilang.

    Hish.. semalam dengar cerita pulak , emak sedang sibuk pilih sayur di pasaraya. anak kat sebelah kaki dia je buleh hilang. nasib baik security situ very proactive. alert and tutup semua pintu keluar. jumpa budak itu dalam toilet, sudah dicukur rambutnya n dalam keadaan mamai maybe drug-ed. Wallahualam sama ada cerita ini betul atau tidak.

    Agak nervous bila bawa berjalan sekarang. Benar juga. Kita duk berkelip mata aja buleh hilang.