Friday, June 10, 2011

.: Tersilap rupanya...

LONDON—Barely a month after marrying 29-year-old Kate Middleton in a royal wedding ceremony watched by an estimated 2 billion people worldwide, Prince William announced Tuesday that he and Middleton have divorced and that the entire marriage was "a tremendous mistake in every possible regard." "I really don't know what I was thinking—we're a terrible match, I don't love her and never have, and, to be honest, I never really had any interest in being married in the first place," announced the now unattached Prince William to a dead-silent British press corps. "People thought our wedding was some sort of fairy tale, but I assure you it was all just some ghastly ceremonial farce that got out of hand. I'm just relieved it's over, frankly. And I'm glad I'll never have to see that awful woman again." Prince William then told the assembled reporters, "Well, see you all later," smiled, and walked back into Buckingham Palace..

Hmm... saya tak pernah menduga secepat itu. Tapi, saya memang nampak si Kate tu takde cantik mananyer pun..pastu dia biasa-biasa je..heh heh heh... Tak sepadan dengan Putera William..(he he..dan dan aje..).
Kepada Putera William, sabor lah ye. That awful woman tu juz her luck untuk pernah berada di singgahsana mu. Takder yg lagi cantek ke boleh dicari oleh putera william ni? Sekurang-kurangnya, kalu takleh lebih cantik dari mak ni, yg setaraf dgn mak pun ok. Takder la mak rasa terhina sgt..hihihihi.....

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  1. laa...bercerai dah ke price william ni?? ko biar betul nyah!!!! hahaha