Thursday, February 17, 2011

.: Because this is my blog

I write about my life.
What i feel.
What i see, and what i think.

Maybe in some entries of this blog, i write about certain places, certain people.. it is solely from my point of view. I'm not writing a research here. If I'm writing of list of blames, I would go to biro pengaduan awam.

Sometimes, i write about my happiness, my sadness. Some people might get jealous, and some people might symphatize on me.

Well, it's hard to please everyone. People might easily misunderstand a sentence. People like to make their own conclusion of a straight sentence. Sometimes, when i write that I like to eat lasagna, people may say that I forgot that I'm a malay. hehe... When I say I like Tg Malim, maybe some will say I hate Sabah. Should I say Tg Malim is sucks so that Sabah will always win? No, Sabah will always secure a special place in my heart despite of all the difficulties I had throughout the days in Sabah. The memories of Sabah will never be overwritten ... and Tg Malim deserves its own place too.

I dont like writing about unhappiness, it really ruins my mood for the whole day.
That's why, through the hardest time, and the saddest moment in time, I will always try to write about something that will cheer me up.

I dont want to write about how tired I am doing things that I am not interested in it. It will make me more tired.

And I dont wanna tell people about some collegues who always make me feel like a stranger. One person make me feel that, 10 others will heal it back.

And I really dont like to tell the world how hard it is working in new environment with very few sources, I have to buy on my own my own papers, my own stationery. And do I have to tell people that I have to travel far just to find a stall which really satisfies my appetite?

So, why be disappointed with a little joy I'm trying to share here? Why bother to be happy with my little happiness in a bundle of sorrows i had here?

I wanna be happy. I am still trying to be happy with what I chose. And I am happy to accept whatever happen in my life. Arent you happy to see your friends happy?
By the way, my kids are having flu and cough this few days. First time to get sick since months ago. Maybe this news will make some people grin. And maybe someone's praying that my kids will get well soon. Well, they are recovering... that's juz part of parcel of growing up.

Why am I writing this?? Yes..simply because it's my blog.
Not corporate blog of any other institution... not a tourism blog... and not a research/educational blog. Simply my blog.


  1. You’re so transparent..:) I don’t mean to disappoint you. You’re writing from your point of view and I’m giving my comment based on what I feel about it. If my comment offended you, please accept my apology. Still friend, isn’t? Thank you..

  2. dun worry my dear kita cuma menjadi diri kita yg sbnrnya. dun care what ever people said selagi ianya tidak mengganggu org lain. keep it up dan terus menulis yer. bila lg nk update psl anak i yg 2 org tu rindu la ngan diaorg.. :)

  3. dell dear.. i know u miss me..heheh..i miss u very much! dont ever think I'll forget Sabah and PKK OK!

    Halen jiran tersayangku.. bila nak update pasal anak2..jadi sebak pulak, sbb teringat betapa diorg cuba nak sesuaikan diri di tempat baru. pagi td si wafiy tu duk sebut lg nasya... hehe..nasya jgn marah ye, wafiy ckp taknak gosok gigi supaya jadi mcm gigi nasya..pulak!

  4. Iya...masih lg terasa kehilangan Farah..pastu bila baca blog farah, mcm tus lupa kami dcni ba..that's actually what i'm trying to tell u..n u're so smart to guess it right..:)

  5. daily..ko baca ka sy pnya blog??(tiba2 soalan)..
    ko rindu sy jgk bah kn?? :D

  6. Baca..:) Rindu ba..syok ba kamu slalu update blog..Sya jrg2 ni..siap ada countdown lg..hehe, sya lama uda x update, this weekend ko pnya anniversary..:) Happy Advance Anniversary...