Sunday, January 2, 2011

.: bai bai yatt .. and happy New Year..2011!

Juz got this chance to update blog. It's been few days I juz laid down and rest. Heavy headache. But yesterday was a must-go-out to send a dearest friend of mine to the KKIA ..juz dont wanna miss last chit chat, last hugs... I'll be missing her so much..though I'll see her again maybe couple of weeks later..but things aren't the same again. We'll nomore talking about the same programme, nomore talking bout the same place, same food... but I think kak ida will suffer the most. Let's forget all the sorrow...

Happy New Year everybody!

But why I still can't cheer up myself. There are a lot of uncertainties in my head. Kids are so excited seeing all things packed in boxes. Excited of moving out of the house ..But I'm worrying about their new place while here I'm leaving the best sitter I've got for them. I can clearly see how they love their sitters so much. In one of kenduri held by a friend of mine, where all the babysitters were also invited, my kids were running to them, leaving me behind. They dont even care if I wasnt there! they are very softspoken sabahan...and pretty too. I hope I'll find this type of babysitter again at my newplace. Juz pray and keep on praying for the best.

About me, I juz dont care. Of course I hope to get good collegues and good boss, good working environment... but nomatter how it's gonna be, I'll juz have 1 option, survive. I will juz survive.

1 more, I hope to get a good house. if not better than what i have now in KK, at least, same level. If not, I wont stay. A good house will be a good home. I always opt for the quarters for the time being. Then, let's see what'll happen next.

This year 2011 will surely be so much different than years passed. Good, coz I need changes. Life is no any better last 2010... gonna take big leap this new year. The momentum juz gonna start.

Anyhow, I'm so thankful for all the colors painted in my 2010 diary... the love and friendship ... thank God I still have all my loved-ones throuout the year.
 Hope 2011 will bring more cheers and happiness..more prosper and blessings from Allah s.w.t.

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