Tuesday, June 29, 2010

.: You'll always be my baby...Happy 1st Birthday,mi amor MARYAM

It's been 3 days late...
But better late than never. I need to document this.

On 26th of June 2009, the most adorable baby girl in the world was born, and named Maryam Raeesa. The moment I look at you, I know that you are my Maryam Raeesa, the most beautiful name that suits you the most. With the very good name, it brings along my whole-life prayer so that you'll always be a good daughter, faithful one and a obedient Muslimah.

Maryam grows up so fast. She was a quick learner. Her babysitters always reported all the good things Maryam did at school. She was among the first to clap her hands, sit on her own, crawls, waving bye-bye, and now flying kiss! Maryam also shakes hand, and kiss. I think she learns from observation. Her teacher also reported that Maryam is a very clever girl. She's able to tell in her own language if she wants her milk, or somebody hit her, or somebody takes her toys. I dont know how, because I didnt see. But at home, Maryam is a very independent girl who fights for her right. She doesnt need me to defend her if her big brother wafiy annoys her. She can just fight on her own.

Now, she can say a few simple words, like "Mama.." "nak..." "naah.." "baba"...what else ek? Erm..she is always mumbling actually, I cant cacth her words, but she's trying to say something, and left for us to guess what it is.

Maryam also a cheerful, happy and healthy baby. As far as I remember, she caught fever only twice since a year ago. She is strong I think. Because, she endures long journey, whether flight journey back to Kelantan from Sabah, and also boat-ride to island at Semporna. She can maintain happy mood.

On 26th June 2010, Maryam Raeesa is already 1 year old. She was nomore like a baby since she walks when she was 9 months. Now, she runs freely wherever she wants to go. She's cute, but I think the word pretty suits her more. Though, Maryam is always my baby....

Mi amor Maryam, mama always pray the best for you. Only the best in the world.

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