Monday, May 10, 2010

.: Finally, relactation succeeded.

Syukur, alhamdulillah. Berkat kesabaran, usaha dan doa yang tidak putus, Maryam skrg kembali menyusu. Tanpa sebarang paksaan, tanpa perlu menghauskan atau melaparkannya. Dan yang paling penting, tanpa sebarang tekanan dan rungutan.

Ok, moms out there. Here are the tips to relactate ur baby. If lactation is stopped due to some reasons e.g going for courses (like me), and you want to relactate after you're already home, you need more or less 2 weeks time to bring this to success. But the percentage of success depends on your baby also. And also depends on the duration you've been breasfeeding your baby, and duration you've stopped lactation.

Okey, 1st step is, start reintroduce her your breast as soon as possible. If she refused, dont worry, dont force her. You wont get anything by forcing your baby but your baby will be tensed.

As a mother, you know exactly when is the best time your baby used to breastfeeding. Try offer her your breast gradually. Especially during night, when your baby is about to sleep, make sure your room is not too noisy and a bit dark, so she concentrate only on you. If you baby shows the sign of tensed, stop offering her your breast, and feed her like usual e.g using bottle etc.

Do the above step every day, every her meal time. But make sure, you must offer your breastmilk not when your baby is hungry or when your baby is full. Maybe after 1 hour of her meal, or 1 hour before her meal. Some said baby will eventually suck your breastmilk if she's hungry. NO! It wont happen, untill she's used to your breast.

Repeat offerring your breast... though it's already weeks. In about 2 weeks time, insya Allah, God-willing, you will get back your baby in your arms.

The progress... right after reintroduced to your breast, your baby will act like she's forgotten already. After some days, she will start to lick, and taste. After that, she'll try to put your nipple juz in her mouth. Then, gradually she try to suck it. Maybe she cant accept it first, but after some days, she'll make it. And your milk will increase as your baby sucks your breast and send signal to your pituitary that milk must be produced more and more.

So, good luck mothers! happy Mothers' Day!

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