Saturday, April 24, 2010

.: Report from KIPA

It's been already 2 weeks since the first day I left home for this course.
Frankly, I enjoyed this course as much as I suffered being apart from my little angels, Maryam and Wafiy. Well my sweetheart, I'm so sorry I left you. But this is my sacrifice for the sake of future nation, future generation. I need to seek further knowledge and skills to be best teacher. I want to give my best in teaching because I want all my children also get the best from their future teacher. I believe Allah is very fair..what i give now, I will get back someday, Insya Allah.

Activities are packed, but I tried to enjoy each and every second of my staying here. biar berbaloi-baloi gituh mama tinggal anak2 nun jauh disana.

Lecturers at Institut Aminuddin Baki are all great teachers/trainers. They all possess good teaching skill. I really participate in all activities full-heartedly. So far, not any single class I feel sleepy. All classes attended well. Each time I started to feel demotivated or sleepy, or down, I remember my kids. And they wake me up again. That's the beauty of being a mother. I get my spirit from you my lovely son and daughter!

Another 3 days to go, and I will see them again. Now, assignment is already done. I only need to prepare for the presentation and exam. Then I'll fly back to kota Kinabalu...insya Allah.

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