Friday, April 30, 2010

.: A good progress

Last night, she was willingly coming to me, and searching for my milk. But, once she wanted to suck, I think it tastes not so good...hahaha...she nearly puke. And I didnt force her..let her ease herself. She looked at me with that innocent eyes.

Ok. So, I think I should keep on trying... and dont give up hope.

An update about her walking skill....

She begins to walk faster now. Better body balance. Pause here and there to pick up toys. Her skill to squatt and stand is very good. Full marks for that. And one more, she is so talented in climbing. I caught her climbing the TV cabinet once... and her father told me that she's already up on it. Haish.... my girl... So, if she can climb the TV cabinet, whatmore her small chair.. effortlessly...

I was washing dishes at the kitchen, suddenly she came walking... and looking around seems nothing interesting ..and walk out to the living room...she's not afraid of anything.. a lone ranger perhaps?

I found her talking to my handphone..putting it to her ear..and pretend talking to someone. Suddenly music come out and she dances with her booty bumping bumping... hehehe..that's so adorable. When the music stopped, she gave me sign to replay it. That's the sound of bluetoothed Akon-RightNow-na-na-na from Auntie Zah. Thanx zah, she likes that music so much.

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