Sunday, July 26, 2009

.: If You Are Someone called 'Ustaz'

Actually, I have already feel 'hairy' (berbulu) since long time before, and already voiced out this to some close people around me.

The 'ustaz' I'm talking about is those who teach Agama, be it in schools, or institutions or on TV or whatever lah, where u earn ur life by teaching agama, and most of them are graduate from Middle East, Mesir or Jordan or mana2 lah, dont wanna be specific.

I'm not so 'calculative' (berkira maa..) about making pahala, but when it comes to time that I'm sick and cannot manage myself, while my husband has to take place the duty of this type of 'ustaz'... i feel a bit 'burnt' (terbakar ler..).

And this kind of 'ustaz' are busy with world business, and when asked about fiqh hukum hakam, so sad la..itu tak tau, ini tak tau...

someone who teaches agama should also be the one who preaches the agama itself with whole body and soul.

No wonder nowadays we hear many 'ustaz' are involved in those internet-investment that i myself have no say about its status of halalness. But to certain people, when they know that 'ustaz' pun masuk, kira halalll lah! Hmm..that's why seeking knowledge is an obligatory, so that u wont be among those who are ignorant.

My husband, just because he has beard (janggut meh), people called him ustaz, that makes me fear, if bad-side of him is followed at least by his students... (huh, aku nk ajak laki sendiri tgk wayang pun rs bersalah jerrr...huhu).


  1. huhu.. that's y la zaman skang ni walaupun ada tittle ustaz tp bkn ble kira jgk wahaha (mati la aku klu ustaz2 tau nih). even yg x jd ustaz pun x pakai kopiah x pakai serban knowledge diaorg ok jgk kan kan.. aku pun x berani komen lebey2 sbb aku pun bkn alim sgt muhehehe.. ilmu di dada pun x khatam lg tp quran khatam dah..

  2. muehehe..ustaz2 kita semua alim2 baik2 belaka. 'ustaz'2 yg aku tulis nih pasal ustaz kat zimbabwe nuuuh..hahaha... ya ampuuun.

  3. to mama reesa n wafi be cool.thank 2 god your husband actually gifted to be the be patient.about to watch there is no a big mistake as long both of you watching a good movie n hanging together with you childre(jangan tinggal pada penagasuh k).