Friday, April 17, 2009

.: So, I'll be leaving for the induksi course already

Ini entry ku yg terakhir sbl pegi induksi. I'll be back to my office after 2 weeks.

To safira, thanx for willing nak sambung tanda kertas kokum, kalu free..hehe.

To all my students, I'll be back for ur exam and quiz. So get prepared!

To Din, hehe, best la ko, mesti lebih fokus pada keje, sbb org sebelah ko xder dh nk bat bising.

To En. Jul, selamat menjayakan kelas programming bg pihak saya. Tenkiu very much.

To all JKE people, pray for me to come back safely, so that korang tak payah nak ganti tugas2 saya untuk tanda paper final yer..hehe

To my beloved... I love u.. and I'm gonna miss u. Pray for me so I'll be strong when we are apart. take care of our precious one very well. Do tell him every nite that I love him so much!!

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